We always take safety and sanitation precautions seriously as we work in your home. 

Although we are servicing small groups in private settings, we still need to be diligent about our sanitization practices for your protection and for that of our team. 

Here’s what you can expect:

  • We will avoid shaking hands – it’s a tough thing to do, especially with our Southern hospitality, but it’s best to not shake hands or hug at this time.
  • We will sanitize all work surfaces before and after we work- our normal practice.
  • Gloved Service – Chefs and Servers will wear gloves from set-up through clean-up – changing out often throughout the event as needed. 
  • Masks – Chefs and Servers will wear masks from set-up through clean. Although we do not request that guests wear masks, we kindly ask that you maintain a safe, social distance when conversing with the chef or serving staff. We wear masks throughout your event


We will offer the same amazing service and experience to our guests as we have for 10 years, so that you can simply enjoy the feast and each other!