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When we serve our clients, we want them to feel like royalty. It’s our mission to help people Rediscover the Joy of Feasting Together. We believe that joy is for everyone. There is a seat at the table for you. Come get full.

Our Mission

For over four decades, we’ve been preparing food with love and curating experiences that create memories that last a lifetime. That’s what food has done for us.

Chef Lisa Brooks

Executive Chef & CEO

Since I was a little girl, I’ve had an understanding of the impact preparing meals with love. Growing up, I stuck close to my family matriarchs and grew up learning how to cook, firsthand, from the best cooks I knew; my mother, grandmother and great grandmother…Mable, Mattie and Tossie.

In 2010, I decided it was time to follow my dreams and turn my passion and purpose into a business. I left my corporate job, moved back home to Charlotte, N.C., and enrolled in a culinary arts program. From there, Heart and Soul Personal Chef Service was born.

Heart & Soul


Tracey Mitchell

Keisha Brynn

Joya Courtney

Chantal Thomas

Chef Tracey Mitchell

Like many Southern cooks, Chef Tracey’s interest in food began with her grandparents. They were New York socialites in the 1950s, members of dance clubs and threw elaborate parties. Her Nana made the costumes for groups like the Supremes. Tracey grew up fascinated by these stories, and they were still throwing parties when she was young.

Her grandmother instilled in Tracey the love of food and the magic of bringing those you love together at the dinner table. Her grandfather – a hunter, fisher and farmer – made sure she would try any food at least once and she found out she liked most of what she tried.

With a very diversified heritage that includes African American, Irish, Italian, German, American Indian and West Indian, of course Tracey was drawn to good food. She solidified her skills by earning a degree in Culinary Arts from Central Piedmont Community College in 2015. She is now the Head Sous Chef for Heart & Soul.

“Cooking for me is therapeutic. I love what I do and I am blessed to be doing what my heart desires.”

Chef Keisha Brynn

Keisha Brynn’s culinary roots run deep through North Carolina soil. In her small border town of Milton, after-school snacks consisted of fresh garden veggies and family reunions were more like town carnivals. 

Her family’s annual “Down South Family Reunion” would be filled with tents, laughter, joy, and excitement. Family members, from near and far, gathered to feast. 

For young Keisha, gathering around food was the epitome of love, family, and fellowship; but like many chefs, her culinary journey included twists and turns.

Devoted to others, Keisha graduated from North Carolina A&T State University, as a Registered Nurse. Working as a traveling nurse for 16 years, she explored the country; nurturing patients and also nourishing her affinity for food culture. City after city, Keisha’s passion for food grew. From Florida to Texas, the hunger for cooking ripened like a tomato on the vine. Until finally, she returned to her childhood passion – culinary arts.   

A reflection of her upbringing, Chef Keisha cultivates fellowship around every table. Her innovation of Southern ingredients coupled with the global techniques of her classic culinary training provide an exciting canvas, on which she paints a unique and creative culinary experience.

Devoted to the transformative power of feasting together, Chef Keisha invites you to share in her love for food and her warm, Southern hospitality. 

Chef Joya Courtney

Adjoa Courtney, known professionally as “Chef Joya,” has a passion for turning basic recipes into exquisite delicacies— a talent that has changed her life.  

Growing up in Milwaukee, WI in the heart of the Midwest and raised vegan since she was seven years old, Joya spent a lot of time in her grandmother’s kitchen absorbing the aroma of the food she cooked, along with the wisdom that her grandmother preached. It was during these early years that Joya became fascinated by other elders in her community and oftentimes befriended them in food havens, like international supermarkets, to obtain their authentic recipes. 

After years of honing her culinary skills, began to host dinner parties for her family and friends. She created mind-blowing and awe-inspiring dining experiences that left them amazed and wanting more. From there, she began to do vlogs and offer cooking lessons via her Instagram account, which subsequently became very popular with her social media fans and followers. With the love and support of those closest to her, Joya (who was at the time working primarily as a makeup artist and beauty professional), decided to pursue her childhood dream and became a personal chef. 

Following the plant-based foundation of the food she grew up on, Joya began to “veganize” traditional recipes that typically contained animal products, which has since turned into her specialty. She wants her food to remind others who are transitioning to veganism, of the meals they enjoyed before they became vegan. As Chef Joya experimented with different cultural flavors such as Soul Food, African, Afro-Caribbean, and French, her recipes expanded to include cuisines from across the globe. 

Joya, who loves of all things bright, colorful and unique, enjoys providing amazingly delicious—and magical— meals for everyone she encounters. 

Chef Chantal Thomas

Chantal has a passion for cooking and serving. A mother of 3 young men, feeding her sons has kept her on her toes! It has always been a joy to expand their palates and nourish their souls, one spoonful at a time. Her mother was her first culinary instructor. Teaching her everything from time and temperature to plating and presentation. As one of eight children, Chantal has dubbed herself as “Big Momma” of the family, taking pride in hosting family gatherings and spreading love through her food. She believes that food should make you feel good! Her goal every time she places food on a plate is to have your toes tapping, head nodding, and doing a happy dance, all while humming your favorite tune! From plant-based to surf and turf, Chef Chantal cooks it all